Deepening Community Philanthropy

We are passionate about community philanthropy or “local giving” as it is often called in the African context. Whether it is Ubuntu, Harambee or (equivalent – still to find), communal giving has always been part of African cultured and our passion lies in making sure that it continues in the modern day.


SGS Consulting was appointed as Co-Coordinator and administrator of the Constitutionalism Fund in 2015. The Joint Fund continues to Promote and Advance Constitutionalism in South Africa.

Quality Education

SGS Consulting believes that quality education is the key and cornerstone to every progressive society. This is the most worthwhile investment any government can make towards the development of its young people.



We always ensure we deliver work that both ourselves and clients can be proud of.


In all our interactions and business practices, we prioritize transparency, honesty, fairness and trustworthiness.


We are deliberate in supporting and maintaining our position on issues that matter to us.


As a team, we approach our work genuinely as the best representation of ourselves.


We love what we do and cultivate a culture that encourages holistic fulfillment.


We are deliberate in creating environments where all stakeholders are able to fully participate regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, disability, age, nationality.

Open Handedness

We are inherently generous because we approach our work, partners and clients wholeheartedly.

Who are we?