The Kagiso Shanduka Trust programme is a partnership between Kagiso Trust, the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation (formerly the Shanduka Foundation) and the Free State Department of Education dedicated to the improvement of schooling and education in two districts of the Free State province. The programme, using the District Whole School Development model, aims to support the transformation 362 public schools in the Fezile Dabi and Motheo districts. SGS Consulting has been a partner in this programme since its inception and provides writing and documentation, research, as well as monitoring and evaluation services.

The Free State Department of Education (FSDoE) was the top performing province in the country for two (2) consecutive years. The province obtained a NSC pass rate of 72,5% in 2016 and a 86% pass rate in 2017. Even though the FSDoE NSC pass rate increased to 87,5% in 2018 it was not high enough to maintain its top position in the country. Sadly, the FSDoE was beaten in 2018 by the Gauteng province by 0,4%. The excellent provincial NSC results had a ripple effect on the Fezile Dabi district’s results. The Fezile Dabi district emerged as the top performing district in the country in 2017 and 2018. The Fezile Dabi district obtained 90,2% in 2017 and 92,3% in 2018.

SGS Consulting has performed a number of evaluation processes for clients including the Maths Centre and the Adopt-A-School Foundation of the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation, assessing interventions and efforts at improving schooling in our country.

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